Brighouse Veterinary Centre Ltd

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Brighouse Veterinary Centre Ltd

The services we offer include…

Pet Insurance

We strongly recommend having your pet insured to ensure you can cover the costs of unexpected bills if your pet were to become unwell, leaving you to able to concentrate your efforts on helping your important family member to recover.

We recommend Agria pet insurance here because it covers your pet immediately from the first time they are health checked by a vet, offering 5 weeks free of charge cover.

It is then optional whether or not you continue to use their cover, also giving you the headspace in the meantime to shop around and see which insurance cover is most appropriate for your pet.

If you would like to take out this free insurance cover just enquire at reception.

Repeat Prescriptions

Repeat Prescriptions are available on request via telephone call. We require 24 hours notice to authorise and dispense a repeat prescription or a written prescription.

Legally the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons requires the patient to have been assessed by a veterinary surgeon at least every 6 months. Sometimes it has to be more frequent if the prescribing vet deems it necessary.


Nurse Clinics

We have regular nurse-led free clinics for clients with pets that need special care eg: diet clinics and geriatric clinics.

Flea and Worming

Protecting your pets from fleas, ticks and worms is extremely important for the health of your pet plus your human family too.

There are many different types of treatment to purchase, we would always advise using a product bought from a veterinary practice or advised by a veterinary surgeon.

Many over the counter products are either ineffective, dangerous to the pets health, or both. We can supply a variety of effective treatments to suit the needs of your pets, just ask a member of staff if you would like to find out more information.

We also offer a monthly service ‘Vet Post’ whereby the flea and/or worm treatments are posted directly to your home for when your pet needs them at no additional cost to how much you would pay if you were to buy them at the practice. If you would like to sign up to this service please chat to one of the reception team.

Radiography and Ultrasound

Our operations building has both X-ray and ultrasound imaging, with our own processing facilities. Results can be ready within minutes.

Pre- and Post-Operative Care

Surgery and Anaesthesia

The practice has its own fully-equipped operating theatres with the latest, safe anaesthetic equipment.


We have a separate dental suite to enable these procedures to be kept separate from sterile surgical procedures in the main theatre.


We currently are involved in helping Yorkshire Rose Dog Rescue, Knine and Kitty Care, Canine Allsorts, Cats Protection, Yorkshire Cat Rescue and the RSPCA to provide discounted veterinary care to animals who require it. Animals are always looking for fosterers and new homes: check out their websites for more information.

Analytical Laboratory

We have a state-of-the-art in-house analytical laboratory that gives fast results while you wait. This means we can do full blood work-ups for haematology, electrolyte analysis and biochemistry without having to send samples off to another site. BVC Ltd vets also have the facilities for microscopic analysis of blood, skin and tissue – again, with same-day results.

Veterinary Pharmacy

Our in-house pharmacy stocks a large range of competitively-priced drugs including all the medicines necessary to provide life saving emergency treatments as well as managing long term ailments such as heart disease or arthritis. We also have a large range of preventative treatments, including effective wormers, flea products and health supplements – all available to registered clients.

Pet Foods and Pet Accessories

We sell a wide range of balanced pet foods for all stages of life for cats and dogs, including specialist diets for animals with special needs eg: diabetic animals and those with liver, kidney, heart disease, allergies, urinary problems or cancer. Our waiting room also has a display of collars, leads, grooming products etc.

Peaceful Location with Parking and Quiet Garden

The surgery is in a quiet residential area, with secure off-street parking and a beautiful, fenced garden at the rear, which is available for use by clients in the summer months.


Our recuperation kennels are constructed from the latest, infection-resistant materials for the comfort and safety of clients' pets. We also have an isolation kennel for animals with contagious diseases and those who need intensive nursing.